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What's the project?

We are going to build a Mate Light display at Noisebridge. Our goal is to have this completed for Make Faire for use there. Then the display will be permanently installed within Noisebridge.

It is based on jaseg's display show at shown at 23C3. https://github.com/jaseg/matelight

Flaschen Taschen is planned to be 9' 9" wide 7' 7" tall and host 1575 lights. See the drawings at the bottom of this page for the current design information.

We'd like your help with this. Very soon we will be scheduling build nights, build/drink ups, and drink ups. So please keep in touch.

Drink Ups

This project requires a lot of bottles, so we'll want to setup a bunch of "Shut Up, Drink Up, Hack Up" events at Noisebridge.

Requirement for Bottles

12 oz is the right size
  • Approximately 12 oz (which is the average beer/soda bottle size)
  • Clear glass only
  • Rinsed out with water

Bottles are known to work

  • Most glass soda bottles with flat sides, such as Jarritos.
  • Corona
  • Some nicer ciders like Crispin
  • Club Mate

Where to buy in bulk

List out where we could buy some of these in bulk for the drink ups

Costco should have Corona for <= $1 a bottle.

Current Design Documentation

This .PDF file is the current drawing set. Please take a look.


FlaschenTaschen 2016-0131 Cropped.jpg