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Based upon the mathematical concept of a fractal, the Noisebridge "Fractal Working Group" concept entails the following:

  • a group can begin with an individual or group of individuals at any time, for any reason.
  • a group may spin off subgroups as needed or desired, which may have chartered time limits (or not).
  • subgroups can expect no "control" from their "parent" group, but should probably check in from time to time, the idea being to keep the community informally informed of all of the goings-on at Noisebridge.
  • a group without a parent is considered to have all of Noisebridge as its "parent".
  • groups may change their style of decision-making to whatever the members of the group would like. Full consensus should be considered the "default setting".
  • groups should use the lessons learned from operation to make proposals and recommendations to the Noisebridge General Meeting.