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"FractalWorkingGroup" is both a group and a concept. The members of the FractalWorkingGroup are working to develop and improve the concept of multiple Noisebridge working groups. The Fractal group serve the following purposes:

  • to establish a basis of functionality that makes it easy for new groups to spin up (and fade away);
  • for members to find productive engagement in the Noisebridge community;
  • to allow Noisebridge as an entity to adjust rapidly to changes both internal and external.


"work in progress -- please edit as you see fit!"

Based upon the mathematical concept of a fractal, the Noisebridge "Fractal Working Group" concept entails the following:

  • a group can begin with an individual or group of individuals at any time, for any reason.
  • groups may change their style of decision-making to whatever the members of the group would like. Full consensus should be considered the "default setting". The purpose is to encourage experimentation in social structures (policy, governance, size, attention to documentation, etc.)
  • groups should use the lessons learned from operation to make proposals and recommendations to the Noisebridge General Meeting.
  • groups should have all authority to make low-level decisions without taking low-level decisions through the NB General Meeting.
  • groups should seek in all respects of operation to uphold the Noisebridge Mission Statement.
  • groups will conduct email discussions as necessary:
    • new or temporary groups can begin email discussion by creating a TOPIC on the Members email list (NOT Discuss).
    • groups expecting to be long-term, primary groups should be provided their own private email list by Rack. These shall be members-only lists, not open to the non-member public.
  • any NB member* may join, observe, or send suggestions to any group. (*"member" means any Councilor, Member, Associate Member, and any other formally approved NB participant)
  • groups should employ the following "continuation" practices:
    • through the NB Members general email list (not Discuss), announce that the group will disband if new members/leadership don't step up


"""not requirements!"""

  • Groups should have meetings and take meeting notes, much like the Noisebridge General Meeting.
  • Groups should have a wiki page linked below, to make sure people can find out about the groups and what they're about.
  • There shall be a Workgroups wiki page, listing all existing groups, each linked to the group's individual page. Listed below temporarily.

Current Working Groups