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Notes from previous Frontend Web Development classes.


Class for 2012-02-21

We took a look at a page containing every currently valid HTML element. Many of them are considered "HTML5", but that's just because they're new.

Class for 2012-02-13

We added to the site from last class and added a sign-up form with validation to it.

Class for 2012-02-06

We added to the site from last class and added modals/submenus to it.

Class for 2012-01-30

We worked off of this mockup and the annotated version. Assets were found here.

We took all of this and turned it into this site.

Class for 2012-01-23

I made accounts on my web hosting, but I suggested students get web hosting space at NearlyFreeSpeech.Net, which will set you up with a pay-as-you-go site. It's free until you start getting a significant amount of traffic.

Here is the source for the previous class's Twitter client, and a PHP file to respond to AJAX requests.

Class for 2012-01-16

Highly-commented source for the slideshow and Twitter client we worked on.

Class for 2011-12-19

We modified this document to become an interactive web application: download the full web application here.

Class for 2011-12-12

Consider downloading FileZilla for a head start.

Here's a simpler mockup we used for the 7:30 recap:

Frontend Web Mockup 2.png

Class for 2011-12-05

We turned a mockup into HTML and CSS. This is the mockup we used:

Frontend Web Mockup 1.png

Please consider downloading the GNU Image Manipulation Tool (GIMP), as we might be opening it up to work with this mockup. Photoshop or Fireworks will work swimmingly if you have them, though.

Here is the "answer sheet" for the above mockup.

Class for 2011-11-22

Two articles worth reading for a thorough understanding of CSS positioning:

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