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This is the sketch of the roadmap for fundraising based on the Scandiuzzi Krebs document found in the Fundraising_Tasks page.

Planning Phase

This is the first three months of work, before we start going out to donors.

These may all be done in parallel.

Case Statement

Consult SK doc, in sections

  • Broad Case Statement
  • Thorough Case Statement

TODO Case Statement

  • Revise the current version to take into account the points in SK's Thorough section
Can do it.. Write about..
NOW Organization mission, history, programs and finances
NOW Organizational constituency—who does it serve and how many
NOW Organizational distinctiveness
LATER Capital plans
NOW Programmatic plans
LATER Vision
NOW People involved in the campaign and their roles
LATER Budgets
LATER Opportunities for donors

Include broad selection of reasons why each kind of donor should care about NB

Donor Planning

There are three donor types:

  • Organizations (org): Corporations, non-profits, foundations, universities, etc
  • Governments (gov) Local, State, and National level institutions
  • Individuals (indiv)

Each type will have it's own specific properties that affect the following information. Each may have sub-types that further affect it.

TODO for each donor type

  1. Who should we reach out to? What subcategories do these form? What is the contact point?
  2. What are appropriate rewards for this sort of donor? (for ref: SK doc section Individual Donors)
  3. How can we enrich or expand the case statement to make it more relevant to this particular kind of donor? (for ref: SK doc section Thorough Case Statement)

Financial Planning

We need to have a clear picture of where we are and have been, and also where we're going.

Current + Past

  • Monthly income: Total $ / Recurring $ / Ad Hoc $
  • Monthly costs: Rent / Other (maybe finer grained)


We can either lease or buy. For each, we need to establish:

  • Needs: what constraints should the building satisfy
  • Cost of acquisition, improvement, and moving
  • Annual operating budget


What cool new shit do we want to do in this new noisebridge?

Outreach Phase

We need to track both donor progress and overall progress of fundraising.

Donor Progress

For each donor we'll need to do the following, in order:

  1. Apply/Contact
  2. Do Meetings and Tours (as necessary)
  3. Talk Amounts
  4. Transer Money
  5. Distribute Rewards

We should keep track of these in aggregate, in a timeline/sequence. As sufficient numbers of donors complete stage 4, we trigger an reward distribution, eg every 10 new $5000 donors, we throw a party inviting them all. Alternatively, could be every month, after some number of donors?

Timeline is as the following example:

Contact Meeting/Tour Amount Discussed Amount Transfered
John john@gmail, april 25, DONE meeting, may 3, DONE $10,000, may 7, DONE $10,000, june 1, DONE
Mary (511) 372-5507, may 14, DONE tour, june 9, DONE
Bill bill@microsoft

Overall Progress

We track by tiers, in tabular form, like so:

Amount Goal # Current # Goal $ Current $
$X 100 52 $100X $52X
$Y 500 312 $500Y $312Y
TOTAL 600 364 $100X + $500Y $52X + $312Y