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This is in its infancy stage, so I'm mostly throwing ideas about.

What is a good date to hold it?



We need to figure out all the logistics of a party. Like who will provide entertianment and where we'll get the stuff to do this.


DJs and the like. Who'll step up?

Fronting Money

It's been suggested that we approach this as a risk venture. Pledges of money here are expected to be returned from the take. People who sponsor will put up the risk, but it's pretty nominal considering how cool and popular we are, so long as we don't go crazy with things.

  • Andy has pledged $100

Stuff and Logistics

Once we have a location down we'll have a better idea of the stuff we'll need.

Potential Locations

Where we hold it will determine a lot of stuff like equipment required, etc.


"CELLspace is a fully permitted place of entertainment (POE), capable of hosting events for up to 299 people until 2am Friday through Sunday (and sometimes Thursday)."

CELLspace website


  • permits all taken care of
  • they'll hand-hold us through all the steps to stay legal
  • They exist to support non-profits (like us)
  • Indoor smoking (seriously!)
  • Equipment (lighting, sound, etc.) provided


  • Cost:
    • Friday $800 to $1,200
    • Saturday $1,200 to $2,000
    • Sunday $250 to $500

DaveX runs the place and I have a decent rapport with him, so would be happy to interface. Christie

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