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For the upcoming Gala Event and Party at Noisebridge!!1!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

RSVP Here!


A gala of galaaaactic proportions!

The Noisebridge you know and love is fundraising to purchase a building in San Francisco! Our lease is ending August 2019, and we're working hard to secure a long-term location to keep hacking for years to come.

Come for the entertainment, stay for the fundraising, and go home with loot you've won at our silent auction!

This is a free event, however, if you would like to RSVP with a donation you can do so here (thank you!!): [link]

Jam out with musical talents/performances, bid on silent auction items, have a drink at our bar, hack on a project, participate in one of our many activities, and hack the planet!

1pm Art Gallery opens in Turing & Church classrooms

1pm Silent Auction begins

1:30pm Laser Safety Training Read through a short guide to our laser:

2pm #hack4NB kicks off - hack for Noisebridge on a project you believe will benefit the space! Start a project yourself or join an existing one.

4pm Laser Safety Training

5pm #5mof Five Minutes of Fame Ten 5 minute talks in an hour. Talks tend to be ad-hoc, poorly-planned, and awe-inspiring. Interested in giving a talk? Add your name & topic here:

6pm Raise the Paddle Unique items developed and/or made at Noisebridge up for auction.

7pm music happens!

8pm music happens again!

9pm Silent Auction ends, and winners are announced!

10pm #hack4NB wraps up and project presentations begin!