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We are Game Development Club. We meet up on Wednesday nights around 8:00 and do game development at Noisebridge at 2169 Mission St..

If it's your first night, you can make a game if you want. We'll help you get started.



Game development is a lot of fun. Game development is an awesome way to learn computer programming. And games can inspire players to learn all kinds of things about the world. A lot of us are into game development and a lot of us would like to learn how, so it makes sense to get together and share our interests and experience.

Meetup History

We had our first meetup November 4th and it was a lot of fun. We made a game about evil companion cubes that want to give you a hug for very explosive definitions of hug.

Game Engines

Game engines make it pretty easy to develop games by giving you lots of development tools for world building and scripting.

We're interested in other kinds of game development too, including non-computer game designs like dice-based RPGs, board games and card games.


Unity is an awesome game development engine based on Mono that compiles for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Web and Wii with support coming soon for PS3 and XBox. Unity has just been made free for indy developers. Unity is an extremely easy to learn game development environment with a massively helpful developer community.


Unreal Development Kit is also available for free now. We'll no doubt be playing with that as well. Unreal is some seriously advanced game dev technology. It's too heavy to run on an iPhone, but it is a good way to make high-end PC and console games.

Objective C

Some people are making iPhone games directly in Cocoa.


If you want to know more about Game Development Club, just come by some time or contact Alex Peake.

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