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You are standing at Noisebridge's locked front gate through the fence around the Patio to the east.

You see a red doorbell buzzer button, an RFID Token reader and Payphone keypad.

EXITS: To the west is the parking spaces and to the south is the Street.

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Noisebridge's front gate is in our parking lot on the street at 272 Capp St. and leads to the Yard with the regular door and roll-up garage door behind it.

It uses the Payphone as a keypad and has an RFID Token reader for 24 hour access card holders such as philanthropists and members.

Payphone Keypad

This is some ethernet cable split and used as low-voltage signal wires.

The current wiring of the gate phone keypad, to the brains in the grey box behind, is:

Wire mapping
# From cable bundle To phone component
1 Gray wire row 1, pin D0
2 Green wire row 2, D1
3 Brown wire row 3, D2
4 Red wire row 4, D3
5 Orange wire column 1, D4
6 Blue wire column 2, D5
7 Blue + Black dot wire column 3, D6

From the phone, there are blue column wires and red row wires.

Added to this, the red LED and front buzzer share a signal wire pair. Green and yellow are used for these. The wp:LED has bias, a correct direction. The buzzer, phone earpiece, is driven directly by the arduino, using a tone generation library. The LED can be setup alone, and lights on each keypress, to confirm good wiring.

The last 2 white wires are reserved for future use supporting voice from the phone.

See Discord/#front-gate

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