Gate keepers

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Greetings wayfaring adventurer of hackerspaces. You are locked out of Noisebridge. As an experiment in being as open as possible, Noisebridge has installed a lock on the upstairs door and another lock on the elevator entryway. Noisebridge aspires to always be available. However, this presents challenges. Listed below are folks with keys. They have a key, and they want to let you in. Please try contacting folks on this list to commence hacking. (Please note that everyone on this list has a life outside of Noisebridge, but they will do their best to open Noisebridge for you.) Hack the planet.

Key Holders

Name Contact info
Kevin 920-585-3496
Mitch 415-377-5993
Torrie 440-858-3382
Naomi 415-728-7490
Patrick O'Doherty 650-701-7829
John Shutt
Evil Dan 415-530-7661
Mohammed 415-374-4757