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What is gatebot?

Gatebot is the sentinel which guards Noisebridge. It has been very depressed lately, so you must sing it a song in an attempt to cheer it up. Gatebot's taste changes weekly, though, so be sure to stay up on the latest trends. If Gatebot likes your song, it will rise and open the door for you, then sink back in to a terrible depression.

How to sing to gatebot

  • Dial the Happy Hacker line (415) 449-8862 (415-HIWUTNB)
  • Press 9
  • Gatebot will start to sing to you. You may interrupt it at any time
  • Craft the desired DTMF song. Sing slowly, Gatebot can be hard of hearing.
  • Be Excellent!

Gatebot's Favorite Song

  • Gatebot's song is 26769, sung in DTMF.
  • Your puny human brain can remember it as corny