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NoiseBridge has been working on improving its space since the mists of time when the lease was signed, and it has got a lot further--whether it is finished or not, we can gather and say it is! Celebratory dinner party, July 30, open to all, cooked and arranged by members.

We would like to fundraise so the suggested price is $20, and the extra is going to Noisebridge rather than to cooks. However, Quirk should have an estimate of the actual cost per person closer to the date, so if you'd rather know and pay that, ask. She won't know until more people sign up.


The day, so far, is July 30, 2010. Friday. The hours are decided, not set in stone: if you have timing constraints or preferences please express them.

  • Mixer at 5:30+
  • Dinner served around 7:30-8
  • Dessert around 10

The schedule and the actual food depends on how many people come, but basically there will be a mixing hour with hors d'oeuvres (and some obvious concoctions to go with them), then dinner will be served with a couple of courses but buffet-style, then dessert/coffee/tea and mixing again.

Sign up please!

We would love more help, but we really need attendees. This event won't work well unless we get at least 20 people, preferably 30, 40 would be great. So if you can commit to your stomach and your funds, please

The emails are listed in a strange spam-blocking format; email User:Esqg or Rachel if you want to be reminded but don't want others to have your email. Or even do the same if you don't want your name on that list.


Quirk is in charge of cooking and getting the general planning going. Miloh may be taking charge of sudopop and other things. I had a volunteer for "slowly poisonous" liquids, but am not sure who that was. If you would like to help in some way with setup, say so on the sheet and I'll contact you, or email me.

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