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Meeting at 6:00 for beginners on Thursdays, more advanced students are encouraged to come late.
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*[[user:Christie|Christie]] 2 year study in high school, many years ago.
*[[user:maltman23|Mitch]] I can sorta order food.
*[[user:Yerdua|Audrey]] I can have really basic conversations, very slowly.
*[[user:ieatlint|Jeffrey]] I've two years of German and can eek through very simplistic conversations.
* Stella Is rapidly losing what little knowledge she had of the language. Tends to speak in convoluted, pseudo-grammatical forms, when she speaks at all.
*[[user:dougygyro|Doug]] Invents bizzare, extraneous compound words to express ideas he does not know the correct word for. Which is all of them.
* J.D.'s parents spoke German when he was a young child. Some words now sound familiar, and the phonemes remind him of his childhood.
*[[user:Ioerror|Jacob]] I am able to converse about certain subjects. However, I cannot properly express my philosophic outlook speaking or in writing. My ability to read in German is quite limited.
*[[user:Elgreengeeto|Skory]] Similar to Jacob, or at least used to be.
Basically, it'd be nifty, if advanced speakers did come later. My last class is May 7th, so we could start mid-May. Drop me an email, and let me know. To warm everybody up a bit, try this on for fun. It is called an Ohrwurm--a song that sticks in your head, um an ear-worm. Bad songs have this great ability to cement phrases, content and grammar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLTWTKpP7g0. Charlotte
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