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Meeting at 7:00 for beginners on Thursdays, more advanced students are encouraged to come around 8:00. We break at 9 or 9:30.
#redirect [[German corner]]
Follow our discussion and meeting announcements on the [https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/german German mailing list].
*[[user:Christie|Christie]] 2 year study in high school, many years ago.
*[[user:maltman23|Mitch]] I can sorta order food.
*[[user:Yerdua|Audrey]] I can have really basic conversations, very slowly.
*[[user:ieatlint|Jeffrey]] I've two years of German and can eek through very simplistic conversations.
* Stella Is rapidly losing what little knowledge she had of the language. Tends to speak in convoluted, pseudo-grammatical forms, when she speaks at all.
*[[user:dougygyro|Doug]] Invents bizzare, extraneous compound words to express ideas he does not know the correct word for. Which is all of them.
* J.D.'s parents spoke German when he was a young child. Some words now sound familiar, and the phonemes remind him of his childhood.
* Hardy=>like JD my moms deutch and so I hope some of the language survives back in the cobwebs of my brane...
*[[user:Ioerror|Jacob]] I am able to converse about certain subjects. However, I cannot properly express my philosophic outlook speaking or in writing. My ability to read in German is quite limited.
*[[user:Elgreengeeto|Skory]] Similar to Jacob, or at least used to be.
Basically, it'd be nifty, if advanced speakers did come later. Drop me an email, and let me know. To warm everybody up a bit, try this on for fun. It is called an Ohrwurm--a song that sticks in your head, um an ear-worm. Bad songs have this great ability to cement phrases, content and grammar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLTWTKpP7g0. - Charlotte
'''Notes for class meetings:'''
* [[Deutschenoten-28Mai2009]]

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