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Hooray! We're so glad you want to visit. Noisebridge is a space open to pretty much anyone! We welcome anybody that likes to tinker and hack on things, and are generally nice. On average we don't appreciate people looking for a half way house to sleep in, steal things, or looking for free beer and people to annoy. Read here for more Visitor_advice on our culture and some suggestions on how to interface with it.

Noisebridge is located on the 3rd floor of 2169 Mission. There is a staircase up and an accessible elevator as well. The elevator can be a little persnickety but it has a bell that rings up into the space for assistance if needed. More Accessibility info available as well. Read on for ways to get into the building.

You can also check out some more info on transit and Getting_Here.

How Do I Get Into 2169 Mission?

If you don't have any keys to the space, simply press the door bell on the right of the gate labeled "Noisebridge" with tiny text. If there's someone in the space (almost certainly true unless you're arriving in the middle of the night) they'll simply buzz you in.

There are also physical and electronic keys that can be used to access the space, including phone Apps. Read on.

How to buzz the gate

To open the door through the local Noisebridge network at 2169 Mission street (not accessible through the internets):

Awesome way from the outside the space

  1. (first) Get inside Noisebridge.
  2. Find a functional touch panel.
  3. Tap the "key" icon.
  4. Read instructions provided and note down the key for this week.
  5. Point your phone's browser to the URL listed.
  6. Bookmark the URL.
  7. When you want to open the gate, use the bookmark.
  8. Return to Noisebridge once a week to get the updated key.

Awesome way from the outside the space

phone Apps, only Android right now.

Awesome way from inside the space



H4x0r way

SSH into our local server, Pony, and run...



1) Open a ssh session as follows:

 IP: (statically assigned IP, but subject to change)
 Username: user
 Password: live

2) Once you are logged in, open the "open-door" command at the shell prompt.

3) Anxiously await the entrance of an exciting new guest!

More Informatic Links

More info about our culture and some suggestions on how to interface with it available here: Visitor_advice . Collectivist anarchy is often strange to people who are accustomed to authoritarian structures, and many visitors are initially confused on how things work or who they should talk to about things.

More info about doors, keys, openings, and mousetraps available here: Access_Control.

You can also check out some more info on transit and Getting_Here.