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Hooray! We're so glad you want to visit. Noisebridge is a space that has been designed since its inception to be open pretty much to anyone 24/7. We especially welcome those who like to tinker and hack on things, and those who are generally nice. On average, we don't appreciate people looking for a halfway house to sleep in, to steal or "borrow" things, to use the space for storing their items, or to be on the lookout for people to annoy. Read here for more Visitor advice on our culture and some suggestions on how to interface with it. Our collectivist Do-ocracy -style anarchy is often strange to people who are accustomed to more authoritarian structures, and many new visitors are initially confused on how things work or who they should talk to about things. You can get an excellent gist of cutting-edge happenings by reading the notes from our latest weekly meeting.

Noisebridge is located on the 3rd floor of 2169 Mission. There is a staircase up and an accessible elevator as well. The elevator can be a little persnickety but it has a bell that rings up into the space for assistance if needed. More Accessibility info available as well. Read on for ways to get into the building.

You can also check out some more info on transit and Getting Here.

How Do I Get Into 2169 Mission?

If you've never been to the space before, simply press the door bell on the right of the gate labeled "Noisebridge" with tiny text. If there's someone in the space who feels like giving a tour (most of the time, except for late at night and early morning) they may buzz you in.

If you are inside Noisebridge and want to open the gate for someone outside you can look through the handy-dandy "periscope" closed-circuit camera to see who's there. If you know them, hit the "DOOR" button on the intercom pad to buzz them in. Please take responsibility for the people you let into the space!

Otherwise, here are some cunning ways to get in.

More info about doors, keys, openings, and mousetraps available here: Access_Control.

Staying In

To help facilitate excellent hacking, the membership community would like you to be vouched for while you are in the space.

As a Guest

Find a Regular or Associate Member that is physically in the space to vouch for you. When they leave, you will need to find another member to vouch for you or you may be asked to come back another time. You might:

As an Associate Member

In brief: find 4 members to sign your application, done!

As a Regular Member

Please note that Associate Memberships and guest vouching is new as of November 2013. Please be patient as we work out the kinks in this new system through our ongoing process of consensus.