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* Daniela
* Daniela
* Michael Shiloh
* Michael Shiloh
* [[User:Arcanology|Al B]]
== When ==
== When ==

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A workshop to get your Arduino talking to your computer. This is *NOT* a tutorial as such, but a time when a bunch of people who want to get going with Arduinos start doing it. If there are problems we can all work them out together.

You'll need a laptop, an arduino and a cable to connect it. There are a couple options, depending on if you have an Arduino or an Arduino clone. For an Arduino, all you need is a USB cable. For most Arduino clones (such as the BoArduino, a kit by Ladyada, which are available at Noisebridge for $17) you need a USB to TTL serial cable (which is available at Noisebridge for $19). A breadboard will be handy for some arduino types (such as BoArduino) but not for others.


  • Rachel
  • William/Tim Heath
  • jim
  • Daniela
  • Michael Shiloh
  • Al B


The hard part! This will not be recurring which makes it a little easier... Need to give people time to order their arduinos if they don't already have one (but note that BoArduinos and cables are available at Noisebridge), so how about 2 weeks out at minimum. Let's try a table.

Date & time number of YES's number of NO's
Mon April 13, 8AM (this is a straw man date) 1 1