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The Godot Meetup is a monthly game dev meetup day for users of the Godot Game Engine.
  • WHEN: Third Saturday of the month 2:00-6:00PM
  • WHERE: Noisebridge @ 272 Capp St. San Francisco (Directions & Getting in)
  • WHO: For anyone who wants to learn how to create games and applications in Godot. For anyone who wants to share games they've made and get feedback. For anyone who wants to make games collaboratively. All skill levels and kinds of game devs are welcome.
  • DISCORD SERVER: Bay Area Godot Meetup Discord


September 16th meetup has been cancelled due to the organizers catching COVID. Next meetup will be October 21st.


  • To enter, push the button doorbell and you'll be buzzed in.
  • Ask us for an access token to be able to enter without buzzing in.


  • Zach Bernal, game developer, chrisknyfe @ gmail DOT com, chrisknyfe on discord
  • Amanda Laznicka, game developer, amanda.laznicka @ gmail DOT com, Serratia on discord


  • Laptops, running Linux, Windows or Mac
  • VR headsets and other gadgets if you like
  • Mouse (trackpads are hard to use for 3D and game dev).
  • HDMI cable or HDMI adapter for your laptop if you want to show off your game on the big screen


Our meetups tend to be informal and unorganized. We like to, in no particular order,

  • Teach new folks how to use the Godot game engine to create their first game (3D or 2D)
  • Demo our games - both past jam games and games currently in development
  • Playtest other people's games and give feedback
  • Answer "how do I do X" questions and workshop solutions to gamedev problems


The Godot game engine is a free, all-in-one, cross platform engine that makes it easy for you to create 2D and 3D games. It can export your games for HTML5 web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

  • Free and Open Source under the MIT license. You can fix your least favorite bugs by contributing! Free as in free beer.
  • Lightweight engine executable (under 150 MB). Small games export to under 100 MB. Installation and bootup is very quick.
  • Godot is a relatively new engine with a fast-growing userbase. This is the first year they showed up to GDC!
  • Lots of documentation, tutorials and courses available for free
  • Console porting to XBox, Playstation, and Nintendo via third party companies such as W4 games, Lone Wolf and Pineapple Works
  • A wide variety of free and open-source plugins available via the Godot Asset Library
  • Many languages supported including GDScript (Godot's pythonic scripting language), C#, C++ libraries or engine modules, and Rust
  • Like Unity public variables, allows Nodes to export variables to the editor, allowing artists to interactively change game features in the Godot editor UI without writing code.
  • A powerful signal system for decoupling and interconnecting Nodes
  • The Godot editor is written in Godot, and you can easily write editor plugins.


This meetup is organized by the Bay Area Godot Meetup discord group. We are not officially affiliated with the Godot Foundation, this is an unofficial meetup for local game developers.


The Bay Area Godot Meetup started at GDC 2023 from a chance meeting in line for a talk - Zach had always wanted to start a small meetup for Godot enthusiasts, and Amanda was willing to host!

  • So far we've had 3 meetups in downtown Berkeley
  • Looking forward to many more at Noisebridge, in Berkeley and in the South bay.

This page was blatantly ripped off from Gamebridge - check out their weekly meetup for general gamedev classes and workshops!