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(Group Buy 1 - Adafruit - 2016-12-09)
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This page is intended to coordinate group orders from distributors such as Adafruit, TAP Plastics, and other such places. We'll use this to maintain lists during the process of coordination, and all lists on the page should be considered provisional and subject to revision and eventually deletion after the order is made. Please date any list you add here, and mention the name, slack handle, and/or email address of the main contact for the order. If you add an item to a list currently being coordinated, please inform the main contact for the order, or else your items may not be purchased.
#REDIRECT [[Group_buy]]
Order lists should be organized first by requesters and second by the items request, with their quantities and per-item price. So for example, if Wintermute and Neuromancer each want to order a Raspberry Pi Zero, Wintermute wants to also order a Pi Zero case, and Neuromancer wants an HDMI board, the list they would create would look like this:
* Wintermute
# Raspberry Pi Zero ($5, quantity: 1)
# Raspberry Pi Zero case ($2, quantity: 1)
* Neuromancer
# Raspberry Pi Zero ($5, quantity: 1)
# Raspberry Pi Zero HDMI board ($3, quantity: 1)
Items should have enough information associated with them to uniquely identify the items from the distributors web store or physical store.
== Group Buy 1 - Adafruit - 2016-12-09 ==
Coordinator: Darryl (@augur, psygnisfive@yahoo.com)
* jsk
# rpi zero ($5, quantity: 1)
* darryl (@augur)
# rpi zero ($5, quantity: 10, url: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2885)
# arduino uno r3 ($24.95, quantity: 2, url: https://www.adafruit.com/products/50)
#rpi zero ($5, quantity: 1)
#rpi zero ($5, quantity: 1)

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