Guests In The Space

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Meeting notes[edit]

This page was initially created to help mediate discussion about the topic, "Guests In The Space". Eventually this page will be filled with information that was generated based off of that discussion.

The questions listed here are more to drag information from other parts of the wiki (other meeting notes of which I was unable to find but know the discussion happened) and put them into one place. Hopefully a combined knowledge of a group of members can help with this tasks.

--Rubin110 16:20, 5 May 2009 (PDT)

What is a guest?[edit]

What are guests allowed to do in the space?[edit]

What are guests not allowed to to in the space?[edit]

Who is responsible for a guest in the space?[edit]

What happens when someone doesn't want to be responsible for a guest?[edit]

When is a guest not allowed in the space?[edit]