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Guilds are self-organized maintainer groups that maintain Resources and organize Events within Noisebridge with multiple maintainers collaborating to improve the group's resources, institutional knowledge and resiliency. There is no medieval theme to Noisebridge! This is an attempt to codify something essential that usually happens organically, in order to help new people to the community see that THEY ARE NOT LOST. THEY CAN BELONG. If you have a better name, make it real!

If you have questions about use of space, or items in the space owned or used by guilds, please see Guilds/Contact page.

Hacking, it's more than just electronics
Craft hacking
Video editing

Weekly Doocratic Thursdays Guild Meetups

Doocratic Thursdays from 6-9PM is a good time to meet up and work on projects together.

  • Documentation: Working on the Wiki and other stuff.
  • Fundraising: Working on the upcoming fundraisers.
  • Simbridge: Improving the VR model of Noisebridge to use for planning.
  • 272: Buildout work to improve the physical space.

Infrastructure Guilds

Currently Active Guilds

Unknown Status

How to charter a guild

Guilds that were active recently, but need to create a charter to be known as an active Guild. To submit one for active status, see MetaGuild's. [| Charter] for how to do so.

Proposed guilds (based on slack and discuss)

Archived Guilds

Guild Checklist

Here's a starter list of basic things each guild's maintainers can aspire to keep doing.

  • Maintainers > 0
  • Recruiting maintainers till 3-5 found
  • Maintainers list indicates who are active
  • Away & Past maintainers lists to avoid all maintainers listed being inactive
  • Current photos of any resources
  • Current time and channel info for any events
  • Outdated info moved to History sections at bottom of pages or entirely old pages marked { { historic } } if they won't be updated or { { outdated } } if they need updating.
  • Note-taking Notes section or /notes sub-page updated if group has meetings or updates.
  • Announcements posted about anything the guild wants to share or ask for.

Group Patterns

There are a number of patterns groups have used that are reusable. If you are interested in starting a group or improving a group's effectiveness.

Groups as maintainers of multiple resources, events and subgroups

Groups can play a role in maintaining multiple things of interest to the group such as resources, events and classes.

Many resources such as tools exist at Noisebridge without groups that maintain them, relying on a single volunteer or two who takes an interest in maintaining them. Sometimes those unofficial maintainers change focus or leave and resources go without any maintainers or events and classes go without organizers and teachers.

By adopting things and encouraging group members to become maintainers, groups can help keep things they care about functioning.

Multiple Maintainers For Things

Groups that establish multiple maintainers for things make them more resilient and usable over time.

Multiple Maintainers For Groups

Groups themselves can benefit from having organizer maintainers who develop the group's membership and activities.

A guildmaster should exist for any group that wants representation in general. Talk to the MetaGuild and the Archguildmaster specifically for more info about guildmasters and what they ought to do and why.

Group Development Communications Channels

Groups can facilitate communication amongst members by having channels on Slack/Discourse.

Resource Discovery & Networking

Guilds might discover a way to leverage resources outside of Noisebridge in a way that befits their interests. In so doing, we’d generate linkages between Noisebridge and other communities that is organic, that will help us cross-pollinate and generate more funds when we need them.

Growing Into Their Own Things

It could also be that an individual Guild outgrows Noisebridge and decides to fill another space somewhere.

Style Guide For Guild Pages

The two best examples of well-formatted guild pages so far are games and sewing. Emulate those or improve further.

Use the guild template on top

Put the { {guilds} } template on top of the page. (View source to see how this is done with double curly braces around guild).


List Maintainers and add recruiting template if it is below 2

Put a list of maintainers at the very top of the page with 0 if there are none signed up. Add the { { recruitnig } } template to include a volunteers needed infobox:


To use in future

Wikipedia Editable Templates

Example on Wikipedia: Infobox_country


Past Organizational Models