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What's Wrong With the TPP

*** Please check back soon for a more detailed schedule! ***



Saturday May 4th, 2013 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST


Hackers, tinkerers, artists, file sharers, and everyone else who cares about the health and future of the Internet.


What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? The TPP is a massive trade agreement between more than 12 countries around the Pacific, and it covers everything from textiles, cars, tobacco, and financial regulation. The reason why *we're* meeting is to talk about the chapter that carries horribly expansive copyright policies.

The copyright policies in the TPP are even worse than the DMCA. It'd strengthen legal protections for DRM, carries vague but daunting language to increase criminal/civil penalties for infringement, and extends copyright terms even *further* than in the US.... and that's just a few of the problems we're fighting. These copyright laws will further restrict us from our right to share, remix, hack, and tinker with digital content and devices.

The worse part is that it's all being done in secret in a process that completely shuts out public interests from its considerations. Through trade agreements, corporations have been able to get their way and make countries pass laws to protect their profits at the expense of the public and our freedoms. TPP is the biggest agreement yet, and we need to stop Big Content interests from lobbying our policymakers into making laws that lock up technology, culture, and knowledge.


Let's talk about the Internet, technology, art, and why copyright threatens our freedom to create and innovate.

We're gonna work on videos, images, and other media to meme up the TPP so the Internet knows that this is happening.

Let’s show our policymakers that we won’t let back room trade deals determine what we can do with our technology. Let’s show them that we, the users, are unified against corporate efforts to restrict our rights.

The Internet is ours. It’s up to us to show up and defend it.

Who's behind this?

This is being organized by Maira Sutton, Global Policy Analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

If you have other ideas for projects, would like to contribute somehow, or have any questions at all, please contact maira [at] eff [dot] org.

For more information on TPP and how it threatens the Internet and access to knowledge, check out EFF's TPP issue page.

Infographic: What Is Wrong With the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Infographic: What Is Wrong With the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement
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