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Hackertron is going to be the first generation of Mobile Hacker Center on wheels. The home base is going to be at Noisebridge. The project is open to collaborators, and is mainly inspired by the Hackerbus project of Johannes Grenzfurthner and Dave Dempsey (Hackbus Project)

Looking down the road at the economy/etc, this bus could follow a route around the US (Americas) between cities and rural areas shuttling people around the country. The bus could also go to areas in *need* of hackerspaces and plant seeds.

Planning Suggestions

  • Get a donation of “something on wheels” with not completely horrible gas mileage
  • Equip it on a basic level to be able to be able to be on the road for a few weeks to a few months and be still a comfortable place to live in. Some games may help, but a foosball table is far too big.
  • Make an official launch on a Launching party on December 30th 2010!
  • Tour hacker spaces in USA for few weeks and hit South of Mexico to help to build up hacker center in Tzajala, Chiapas for few weeks in February.

Ideas, recommendations etc.

  • have a food hacking corner
  • have an artificial robotic or android member of crew

Do you want to be a crew? When to meet? What to hack? To whom to talk to? Budget (smaller=better)? Posting on craigslist? And many others.

I'm looking forward for discussion of this project and to do some cool hacking.


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