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Working on our Schematics today - making decisions about parts, and discovering that Eagle is hard to use.

Use Eagle software - common in the community, free for non-commercial use (and only $49 if you sell stuff that has small & simple boards)

568-1708-5-ND = 12 bit shift register, 20-SOIC, $2.17

Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini - 3.3V/8MHz http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8824 There is a download link for Eagle schematics. Circuit includes the ATMEGA168, oscillator, passives, and serial programmer pin out. Also includes a reset button which we will eliminate.

The Pro Mini does not have the bootloader flash (ISP) pinout organized, we could copy that from the Ardiuno Pro circuit: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8783

We want an on/off switch.

- EG1943-ND $0.92 - lower profile
- CKN9564-ND, $0.53 - winner for now

3xAAA battery holder, 2479K-ND. Plus, pin out and part for JST jack (but no LiPo included in kit).

Do we need mounting holes? NO

Provide a pin out for talking to other circuits - I2C, SPI. Plus VCC and GND.

Socket for pager motor array - double layer right angle header. 14 pins total: 7x2. Digikey # S5521-ND.

Pin out for connections to compass IC. 6 holes in PCB, right angle female headers connect into male headers from HM55B. S4338-ND, plus S5517-ND on battery side - must clip bottom row leads.

Bill Of Materials (BOM): we need to make a list of all parts once we have the circuit down.

What shape do we want the board to have? Match shape of battery holder

People who want some boards: Ayer - 1 Eric - 1 Skory - 1

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