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hack notes 090712

Our v1.0 boards are in! Here are some notes from initial testing:

  • Everything solders in fine, nothing too notable. Start with shorter things and move to taller. Care must be taken to solder compass sockets in the correct order.
  • Code uploaded fine, but there were no compass readings the first time
    • Solved:
    • No compass readings was due to having the compass headers on the backwards! (The de-soldering of which led to the pulling out of a pad and holy sheisse was that an hour long pain in the ass to fix!). So, 2x3 header must be ON TOP and the 1x3 ON BOTTOM of the board. The compass is then oriented with the "RoHS" facing towards the center of the board. In future, the pin labeled "1" on the bottom of the HM55B should be matched with a "1" on our silk screen.
  • Added code to set T1 to high all the time.
    • A0 as digital out is pin 14, A1 is pin 15
  • LED testing thing works as well as it should. (Needs to be re-built for new 16 motor design.)
  • First design failure: with the extra clip on, the motor jack does not fit. (The oversize tabs on the clip stick into the edge of the enclosure.) They are not necessary anyway, so the world is not ended.
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