Hack Notes CVA 091222

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Hack Notes 2009-12-22


V1.5 limit to just 8 motors for simplification purposes.

For a belt mod, reserve some V1.0 boards and instruct people to add diodes - deals with inventory problem.

NP V1.5

  • Settle on new parts

New parts for LiPo battery upgrade mod:

battery: sparkfun PRT-00341 charging IC: newark 59J2761 USB Mini B jack: digikey 670-1190-1-ND JST jack: digikey 455-1719-ND

  • Mounting acrylic - how many screws?
    • Make a mock-up
    • Border pieces - later cut tongue and grooves for snappage
      • Ask Rachel for feasability
    • Hold the boards in with notches (+$20 for more than 6pts board shape) = no holes!
  • No atmel socket - it's tall enough and people can figure that out
  • Investigated brownout detection, not useful


  • Bigger cap to make the voltage drop less meaning the atmega won't reset when motors ramp up on low batteries
  • Switch to internal oscilator for simplicity and power saving, timing vars need retweaking???
  • Find/make through-hole usb mini eagle part


  • Add copyright info to code and old eagle files
  • Batt charging cap not spec'd yet, just copied the 0.1uF part
  • Put in RGB LED red=charging green=on