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1st and 3rd Sunday of Each Month. Next meeting on Sunday March 20th 7pm!


A biweekly meetup to discuss, think, hack, and launch projects related to politics. Get informed, brainstorm, network and strategize on domestic and international issues - focus on how we can reinvent politics as we know it. Also: getting our community organized in issues involving digital civil liberties in the US and throughout the world.

Ideas include:

  - creating proactive legislation in our favor
  - outrunning and outsmarting moneyed and vested interests
  - cloud lobbying
  - media hacking: out of the box thinking on how to make messages that will reach people
  - virality and politics
  - hacking economies and making disruptive technologies and platforms: Making the cost of change cheaper
  - social engineering bureacracies and the electoral process
  - innovation in organizing
  - creating strategic alliances 
  - organizing across hackerspaces throughout the world to be responsive developing events
  - organizing the hacker community to be ready to take legislative badness
  - developing the human network needed for model democracies
  - creating ideas to bridge ideological gaps 
  - Add your ideas!!!!

The politics

One rule: be informed.


If you have to ask why you haven't been paying attention!

We need new and smart approaches in the global struggle we are currently in.



Building a movement takes lots of smart people. We need you and your out of the box ideas as it applies to technology, media, and people. We need engineers, politicos, journalists, artists, designers in our community. Forward the message and invite people you know!

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