Hack your Hardware

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Workshop proposal: Hack your Hardware

"No user-serviceable parts inside" -- we call bullshit on that!

Favorite gadget busted? Don't throw it away; fix it! (Or at least autopsy it for the good of science!) Bring in your hardware yearning to reach its maximum potential (or give its life for spare parts). We give you permission to take things apart, see what's inside, and improve them.

Possible projects:

  • Add an iPhone input jack to your clock radio
  • Add a USB hub to a desk lamp (or a bobblehead doll, or a stuffed toy, or...)
  • Extract the stepper motors out of a printer found on the sidewalk
  • Add another headphone jack (or FM transmitter?) to your laptop
  • Add a LED backlight or tasklight to a keyboard or a handheld game platform
  • Replace the tired nicads in your favorite power screwdriver (or electric toothbrush, or other rechargeable toy)
  • Hotrod your favorite power screwdriver with Li+ batteries
  • Hotrod your IR remote control to go around corners

Yes this could be dangerous, and you may break things. That's how you learn.

Proposed schedule:

Week 1: Take things apart, determine problems, solutions, parts to get. Week 2: Having obtained parts, put things back together and smoke-test! (If it doesn't smoke, it passes!)