Hacker Aquarium

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There is an empty aquarium filled with various objects. I'm going to make a salt water aquarium using the berlin method.

Indeed, this is a hacker project. I would be abfab to have a few partners in the hacking process.

There are a few principals to his method. High water flow, a protein skimmer, light, and a good biological medium to drastically reduce bio-load and maintenance. Considering the fact I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on this project, or any money at all. I have a few parts I salvaged from various places. I need people to help me with these mods.

1. Koralia Pump Modification: I have found a modification thread for a powerhead I scrapped, it requires a change to the impeller. [The Koralia Pump Modification][1]

, showing a drastic increase in waterflow for a low power water pump. Considering the many fan computer parts laying around, we could create an artificial wave maker.