Hacker Stacker Napping Pods

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The Hacker Stacker Napping Pods (HSNPs) are located near the northwest corner of the space.

They are intended to provide a place for Noisebridgers to take short occasional naps.

Also, the DreamTeam conducts sleep research in them.


The HSNPs were built amidst ongoing discussion of how to solve the problems related to sleeping at Noisebridge, and are predicated upon the following assumptions:

  1. Having a designated place to take naps will drastically reduce the occurance of sleeping elsewhere in the space.
  2. Having a designated place to take naps will make waking people up in other locations less unpleasant, because they can be invited to continue their nap in the hacker stacker.
  3. People who are in fact not really just taking a short nap will be more visible and thus their misuse of Noisebridge will be more immediately obvious.

If these assumptions are invalidated, the HSNPs will be disassembled.


How much napping is too much?

If someone thinks you're overusing the HSNPs, they are probably correct.

If you think they're mistaken, you should ask other people for their opinions.

If you feel it is necessary, you can ask for other opinions at the community meeting.

Why did someone remove the blankets I hung over the side?

Translucent siding is necessary for assumption #3 to hold true.

What should I do if I notice someone overusing the napping pods?

You should feel empowered to ask them to stop. It may help to invite them to read this page, and the sleeping at Noisebridge page, and to ask what other people think. Thank you for helping to maintain an excellent environment at Noisebridge!