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(Traditionally sung to sleeping hackers)

The Hackernationale

       A                     D<br>
Arise, all hackers from your slumber,<br>
    E7            A    E7<br>
Arise, all cyberpunks!<br>
    A                D<br>
For there are cables here to solder,<br>
      E7                A<br>
We're making stuff from junk!<br>

       E        B7         E<br>
Let's jailbreak all of our devices,
     B7      E     B7<br>
Give root to everyone!<br>
E       E7       A<br>
Connect our batteries in series,
 E   B7      E   E7<br>
For do-ocratic fun!<br>

So comrades, come solder,
Learn and teach technology,
Put chocolate in the laser cutter,
And make all software free!

So come all of the genders,
Shoot rockets into space!
By cleaning up the kitchen,
We celebrate our hackerspace!
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