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(Traditionally sung to sleeping hackers)

The Hackernationale

       A                     D
Arise, all hackers from your slumber,

    E7          A     E7
Arise, all cyberpunks!

    A                D
For there are cables here to solder,

      E7                A
We're making stuff from junk!

       E        B7         E
Let's jailbreak all of our devices,

     B7   E        B7
Give root to everyone!

E       E7       A
Connect our batteries in series,

E   B7      E   E7
For do-ocratic fun!


       A          D
So come all of the genders,

      E7              A  E7
Learn and teach technology,

A        E7          F#m C#7
Put chocolate in the laser cutter,

D         B7       E    E7
And make all software free!

      A            D
So comrades, come solder,
      E7        A    A7
Shoot rockets into space!

    F#7            Bm7
By cleaning up the kitchen,

   A         E7    A 
We celebrate our hackerspace!