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== Hackerspace Community Dynamics ==
== Hackerspace Community Dynamics ==
In no way am I literally complaining about my partner's above average nether regions...BUT there are a few problems that come with being the (ahem) "V" to his BD. To name a few...
    Babe, wear sweats over to my house! Be comfy! Oh...oh you can literally see the outline of it. Okay. Nvm then. My mom doesn't need to know what you're packin'. Sweats are for the bedroom only.
    Boxers = endless boner tents. So I got him a pair of boxers that say "pitch a tent!" But really, it's amazing how boxer briefs are that much better at caging the beast. Babe is a grower not a shower, but babe gets a lot of in-public boners when seeing BD Girlfriend's butt. Is there a big booty probs subreddit? Anywho...
    "Look what you did to me!" Waistband tucks
    Finding creative new angles to give a blowjob from that won't cause my teeth to scrape or my jaw to practically fall off from pain.
    Even ATTEMPTING to deepthroat a BD requires a tremendous amount of effort and you still don't get it all in 2 times out of 3. BD Boyfriend enjoys those 1/3 times.
    Doggystyle. So much yes.
    When he bottoms out during doggystyle. So much ow.
    Riding a BD is serious leg exercise. It's a long way up...and down...I prefer to just squat on it. Much easier.
    The week after period week aka blowjob week. Your vag forgot how big he is and somehow tightened up in a week. Good luck getting that thing to fit now!
    When he wants to try anal again..."Come on honey how bad could it have hurt last time? You can take it." (No I can't.) "How would you like it if I shoved a 7.5 inch a dildo up YOUR ass? That's how bad it hurt."
    Trying to have a quickie without foreplay or kissing first. He'll be rubbing the tip around for a few minutes before that even gets in, let alone the rest of his dick.
    My big ass plus his big dick = "Look babe! It's a hot dog between two buns! Hahaha."
    If the situation does not allow for a BJ, a hand job will give you a strenuous arm workout. Seriously, go all the way up and all the way down just a few times and boom! Arm's either falling asleep or feels like it weighs 100lb.
    More my prob...but having 34D's and still not big enough boobs to titty-fuck with his BD. Srry. The girth is just not having it.
I could list quite a few pro's of dating a BD guy but I think those kinda go without saying and this is a "problems" reddit. But obviously the problems that go along with being a BD Girlfriend can't be too bad, we're going on two years of having these problems next month! Woo! So yeah, BD Girlfriends, I know you're lurking. I was! So get on in here and share your BD Girlfriend Probs because I'm sure I'm missing a ton but these are just what came to mind :)
An agenda-based discussion group that ran at HOPE X in [http://wiki.hope.net/wiki/NoisySquare Noisysquare] on Sunday, July 20th, at 2pm.
An agenda-based discussion group that ran at HOPE X in [http://wiki.hope.net/wiki/NoisySquare Noisysquare] on Sunday, July 20th, at 2pm.

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Hackerspace Community Dynamics[edit]

An agenda-based discussion group that ran at HOPE X in Noisysquare on Sunday, July 20th, at 2pm.

File:HOPEX HackerspaceCommunityDynamics flyer.pdf

Notes by Ed Platt: [1]

Discussion Topics:

  • Hacker Sociology: Are hackers just regular people with superpowers, or are special approaches needed for this "special" array of personalities? Are certain personality archetypes attracted to these spaces (either for better or for worse)?
  • Consensus: How does it really work? What other models are working?
  • Community Process: Let's talk about illustrative examples of people with fundamental belief-system conflicts (e.g. "surveillance is evil" versus "we need security cameras") and their ability to iron out differences.
  • Burnout and Member Turnover: Is it an inevitable consequence of hackerspace community dynamics or is it preventable ?
  • The Effectiveness of Policy: What are the best and worst examples of policies created at any point in a hackerspace's lifetime? Opinionated rantings welcome.

Throughout all parts of the discussion, we will want to keep asking the key questions: How can we effectively balance our noble goal of maintaining and encouraging our community's vibrant diversity with the perceived need to continually enact+enforce an increasing degree of conformism and homogeneity to our contrived policies? and What knowledge can we apply from the wider world towards our approaches?

Optional Reading Assignment(s), by Naomi*[edit]

A written example of a positively diverse community that presumes to suggest an increasing lack of cohesiveness or trust: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2013_08_06
* Possibility of variant opinions to the above.