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Hambridge works on radio hacking projects at Noisebridge to facilitate network connections that are resilient to Internet failure.


  • MAINTAINERS: X, lxpk, pyconaut


Packet Radio

Packet radio is a way of sending digital network traffic over analog radios.


APRSdroid is an Android application for Amateur Radio operators. It allows reporting your position to the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) network, displaying of nearby amateur radio stations and the exchange of APRS messages.

APRSdroid is Open Source Software written in Scala and licensed under the GPLv2. You can use APRSdroid to connect to the APRS network via different means:

  • APRS-IS via Internet (WiFi or mobile data connection)
  • AFSK (audio connection between your radio and the smartphone)
  • Bluetooth-serial connection to a TNC
  • Once connected, you can beacon your presence, see which stations (amateurs and repeaters) are around and send/receive APRS messages.

Starter Project Ideas

Set up radios for emergency and data comms

  • Get 2 Baofeng UV-5Rs
  • Program the channels using the USB cable so you have emergency channels ready
  • Write a waterproofed instruction card for how to use it and which channels to use to attach to it.
  • Get APRS data working with it using APRSdroid.
  • Set your neighbors up to know how to do it and exchange APRS data with you in emergencies

Baofeng UV-R APRS Setup

Hooking a cheap radio up to APRS data is achievable with APRSdroid.


There is a HAM amateur radio license test you should study for and pass to use radio channels responsibly and legally.

  • Study the HAM amateur radio test materials
  • Do practice HAM amateur radio tests
  • Take and pass the HAM amateur radio test!
  • ARRL has free information on their website, online training (for a fee), as well as an online store where books and other training materials can be purchased.
  • [1] has a large selection of books and other training materials, featuring Gordon West WB6NOA.
  • question pools on the ARRL website.
  • qrz
  • aa9pw
  • hamtestonline