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Hambridge works on radio hacking projects at Noisebridge to facilitate network connections that are resilient to Internet failure.


  • MAINTAINERS: X, lxpk, pyconaut


Packet Radio

Packet radio is a way of sending digital network traffic over analog radios.

Starter Project Ideas

  • Get 2 Baofeng UV-5Rs
  • Program the channels using the USB cable so you have emergency channels ready
  • Write a waterproofed instruction card for how to use it and which channels to use to attach to it.
  • Get APRS data working with it
  • Set your neighbors up to know how to do it and exchange APRS data with you in emergencies


There is a HAM amateur radio license test you should study for and pass to use radio channels responsibly and legally.

  • Study the HAM amateur radio test materials
  • Do practice HAM amateur radio tests
  • Take and pass the HAM amateur radio test!