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'''Harassment''' includes
#REDIRECT [[Anti-Harassment Policy]]
* hurtful or offensive comments
* deliberate intimidation
* stalking
* following
* inappropriate physical contact
* unwelcome sexual attention.
'''A note on sexual harassment'''
Noisebridge takes sexual harassment seriously and we take women’s voices seriously, because we know that we are more effective as a movement when half of humanity's talent, knowledge, and experience is not ignored or marginalized. Individuals asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to do so immediately.  If someone does not stop when asked and you feel safe appealing to the community at large for help, please email [https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/noisebridge-discuss noisebridge-discuss@lists.noisebridge.net] and bring it up at the next [[Meetings | Tuesday community meeting]].
On September 24th, 2013, Noisebridge adopted [[The Anti-Harassment Policy]]. The policy has a trail period that expires on January 21st, 2014. To participate in the conversation to improve the policy see [https://github.com/noisebridge/anti-harassment Anti-Harrassment Policy Mutable Markdown].
We are a diverse community and thus it is especially important that we listen to, and respect, each others' boundaries.  Additionally, it is our duty as participants of Noisebridge to enforce these standards and put a stop to harassment when we see it occurring.  Be aware that an individual who is experiencing harassment may not feel comfortable speaking up--and any individual who is harassing someone is unlikely to respect them enough to be swayed even if they do.  It is essential that individuals who witness harassment speak up in defense of those who are experiencing it.  If someone at Noisebridge is not being excellent to others, call them out on it.  Make it clear that such behavior is unacceptable, and does have consequences in terms of how the rest of the community will view them. 
Further reading on how this kind of conflict is dealt with in the Noisebridge community:
[[Community_Standards]], [[Safety]], [[Conflict_Resolution]], [[Mediation]]

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