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Electronics Hardware Hacking & Repair, a.k.a. Fix-It Club[edit]

An open-ended hardware hacking/repair class teaching the basics of repairing electronics/computer stuff like:[edit]

  • flat screen TVs / monitors
  • headphones / headphone cables
  • ATX power supply / general power supply repair
  • battery care (and reviving "dead" Li-ion packs")
  • basics of laptop repair

When is the class?[edit]

Thursday, June 16th at 6PM, 2016. The class will go until 10PM or so, depending on how in-depth the repairs are (we like to stay up late! Repairs can often take a while but its fun, especially with burritos and good company)

== Where is the class being taught? ==
The class will be taught in the Turing classroom or in the main entrance area (on the NB logo table) at Noisebridge. The address is:

2169 Mission St.
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110

The gate to the space should be open while the class is in session. If not, you can read up on getting into the space by clicking here.

The Turing Classroom is the smaller room next to the wood shop. Feel free to ask around and there will also be a sign posted nearby as well.

== What do I need to know? ==
The class is more focused on an Intermediate level for those that already know how to solder. Everyone should be welcome though, and we recommend the class on how to solder which happens Mondays at Noisebridge. It helps a lot to have a working knowledge of the simple components like resistors, capacitors, etc.

We will come together to share our knowledge on repairs. Some people have been doing electronic repairs for 10++ years!

Note: this is a community class and not a "free repair shop." Also know that anything you bring it has the potential to be hacked, destroyed, or manipulated in some way, so it is important that you do not bring things for which holds for you monetary, sentimental, or any other kind of value. Repairs will be chosen based on interest and whim of the class, and your project is not guaranteed to be fixed of course. It's always fun though and everyone usually at least gets to diagnose what's going on. We've repaired many things already!

Things to bring:
Your Curiosity
Something To Take Notes With
Camera or Video device for recording repair procedures / steps
Food or snacks since the class can go late sometimes

How much does this class cost?[edit]

While this class is free (as are all classes taught at Noisebridge), a donation of around $5 would be greatly appreciated toward the cost of the components that I am bringing to the class, but no one will be turned away.

After attending the class, if you feel this was beneficial for you (and we think it will be!), we'd really appreciate a donation to Noisebridge to fund our ongoing renovation and lasting presence in the city.

How can I get more information?[edit]

Email: Organic_unity [at] yahoo [dot] com for more info. Or sign up for the Noisebridge Email list (instructions on this wiki) & post to the Discuss list (ask for Zach) My website: http://www.freewebs.com/vgmods

[not updated in quite a while though ;P] [[1]]

Self-Repair Merit Badge[edit]

If you fix your own thing, you can earn the IFixit Self-Repair Merit Badge.