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Archive and history of the project

Project status 5/10/2011

Today (5/10/2011) I've filled up the water bath (polystyrene) container with tab water and added the aquarium heater (200 w). I let it adjust to the temperature of the water to avoid rupture of the glass enclosure and switched it on, set on 30°C. I've moved our current experiment to the water bath and checked within two hours making sure that the temperature of the water bath is appropriate (by my hand, no thermometer available).

I plan to make the timer work within a day or two but I'll need hand with that because it doesn't have very intuitive interface.

Below is the short gallery of how did I set it up.

Project status 16/6/2011

  • short time goals for prototype (16/6/2011)

- measure temperature through temperature probe (sensor connected to the arduino micro controller) connected to arduino based on proper sketch and data being saved at arduino.

- switching on and off a heating element to keep the culture at a constant temperature

  • Prototype design

- electronic core: composed from arduino micro controller connected to heat sensors DS18B20 I2C (3x). The prototype was build up by Ciaran for another project and will be slightly adjusted. We will build up a copy as soon as possible. The functional temperature measuring prototype should be ready by Thursday 16/6/2011

- chamber: open plastic container at least of a = 60cm; b = 35cm; c = 25cm (fitting two 19 l fermentation vessels), should be ready for Thursday 16/6/2011

- heating element: 250 w aquarium heater will be used with it's own thermostat, the medium to dissipate the heat will be water

- code and data collection: code will be again used from Ciaran former project and data will be collected and stored first at arduino and later on transferred and posted on line, should be ready for Thursday 16/6/2011

  • medium term goals

- oscillate the temperature in a controlled manner, with energy efficiency being crucial part of the project

- create well insulated unit where the fermenting cultures will be kept

- make a prototype of a kit which can be easily assembled and used as a central unit for the experimental incubator

  • long term goals

- to develop a robust incubator which is allowing general public to do various types of fermentations on day to day basis in a simple and repetitive way

- create an experimental incubator which can detect various factors like temperature, pH, level of dissolved oxygen, CO2, turbidity, culture count etc.

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