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Hologlyphic Video Art Project

Basic project proposal:

  • Create extension of existing True 3D video art performance system
  • Existing system is monochromatic and 6” or 19” in size
  • New system would be much larger and full color

Existing Hologlyphics system:

  • Viewers see true 3D stereoscopic moving images without special glasses
  • A viewer can move left to right and see multiple perspectives of the same object, and multiple viewers can each see their own unique view, as in the real world
  • All movies can be pre-recorded, generative animations or real-time controlled by musical keyboards, sound input etc.
  • Sound and music are integrated into the system, synchronous with the animations
  • Sound can be spatially distributed with multiple loudspeakers
  • Technical process is not holography, but the visual result is the same as a white light hologram
Spiral Animation on the Hologlyphics system, only a 2D photo of the stereoscopic image seen by a live audience
Hologlyphic Green Fire, only a 2D photo of the stereoscopic image seen by a live audience
Dual Helix, this one splits like a worm and give birth to another version of itself
Portable Patchable Analog Modular Volumetric Video Synth aka Hologlyphic Funkalizer

There is video with sound, downloadable from my site, big files and just a demo of the true stereoscopic images the audience views. People are stopping by to see it in person this weekend, update on the place and time soon-



If you don't want to download big files, lower quality streaming videos are available, but don't convey the depth as well as the bigger files:


Collaboration proposal:

Several designs for a larger system have been worked out, after a few people see the 3D video art system, we can discuss the various methods, to asses which approach we may take. Besides increasing size and adding color, the new system design will take into consideration performance and creative applications. Two main phases to the project, the technical development and then creative content development stage, although there will be some overlap, in a good sense

Technical development will most likely be done by a smaller core group, with various technical skills, working to make a reliable, robust system. Any of the systems will require the development of hardware and software, it will be within the software development where most of the creative work lies. Once the hardware is robust and the basic software structure is in place, work can open up to a larger group of people. At first people with programming skills can develop content, and also develop content creation tools for those without programming skills.

I have been programming computers for sound and visuals since around 1982, currently work with Max/MSP/Jitter, Csound, RTCmix, Processing ect. Can offer hardware design, physical implementation and construction, programming, plus many oddball creative image generation techniques. I‘m an artist with strong engineering skills, specialized in 3D video, movies, ect without glasses, this is something I understand very well. Assistance with various technical issues will greatly accelerate the development process, and none of what I will ask for help with is rocket science(I will take care of all the crazy esoteric engineering), more specifics on this next week after we meet and discuss this in person. In the end we will produce a collaborative Hologlyphic movie and show it in public, this is where the fun really starts, there is enormous creative potential

Possible funding is available, if not I will self fund the project. More info on this soon after a few details are worked out.

In person demo of the Hologlyphics: This Saturday the 22nd, 3:00 PM at my place in Oakland near Lake Merritt. Please email glyphs@hologlyphics.com for address and directions --Wfunk 19 November 2008

Questions and ideas can be sent to Walter- glyphs@hologlyphics.com