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Homebrew Printed Circuit Boards

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We met at Noisebridge on Saturday, July 25th at 3pm and designed some circuit boards.

We planned to follow a procedure not unlike this:




We ended spending most of the time just designing the circuit. Here is the Eagle CAD schematic, the Eagle board layout, or, if you don't have Eagle, a pdf of it. It has an ATTiny, a button, an led, and a speaker. It can be programmed to do things. Look!


We then tried transferring it to a solid copper board by printing onto magazine paper and then ironing that onto the board (we lacked the proper transfer film). This sorta worked, but not good enough. We subsequently learned that the magazine paper method works best if, after the paper is ironed to the copper, one wets the magazine with soapy water, loosening the fibers and leaving more toner stuck as you pull the paper off.


We try to get some real transfer sheets or, failing that, try the magazine method with the extra soapy water bath stage. Failing both, we get as far as we can with the magazine, then touch up the print with a sharpie and finally etch these dang boards!

We will try to meet Monday evening and do some super elite circuit hacking of our own! You are welcome to join. Time is only so far defined as vague eveningish.

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