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People interested in going on the Hacker Trip to China in 2012:

You do not need to be a member of Noisebridge to go on this trip.

Please email me if you are interested in joining us:
maltman23 *AT* hotmail *DOT* com

The trip is limited to 8 people total (including Mitch), so the first 7 people on this list (after Mitch) who buy their plane tickets will be able to join us:

Name Purchased flight? Flight info
1 Hao Zhang YES Arriving 04-Apr-12 18:15 on United UA869
2 schneider YES Arriving 04-Apr-12 14:30 on Emirates EK382
3 Simon Schubert YES Arriving 04-Apr-12 11:00 on Lufthansa LH738
4 Florian Friesdorf YES Arriving 04-Apr-12 15:23 on Lufthansa LH730
5 Jacob Rosenthal (heatsynclabs.org) YES Arriving 04-Apr-12 18:15 on United UA869
6 E P S A S YES Arriving 04 Apr-12 17:55 on United UA895
7 yair reshef YES Arriving 08 Apr-12 10:55 on Lufthansa LH 0738
8 Ursula Kallio YES Arriving 04-Apr-12 18:15 on United UA869
9 Jimmie Rodgers Yes Arriving 04-Apr-12 09:45 on Aeroflot Russian Airlines 2313 / 212
10 cibomahto no
11 MCT no
12 Adam no
13 froggytoad no
14 Joey no
15 Julie no
16 North Dallas no
17 Sophi Kravitz no
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