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Noisebridge Hours Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to the question "when is Noisebridge open?" is somewhat complicated. The short answer is that it's almost always open, but new people shouldn't drop by in the middle of the night since there's only a few people around to make introductions. The long answer is best given in the form of a conversation much like this one:

Q: When is Noisebridge open?

A: Noisebridge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: I can come use the tools there any time I want?

A: If you know how to get in, yes.

Q: Aren't you worried about people coming in and ripping off your tools?

A: That would be unexcellent of them, and the people in the space would probably do something about it if they saw it happen.

Q: What people?

A: Whoever is at Noisebridge.

Q: There's someone at Noisebridge all the time?

A: Almost always, yes.

Q: Do they work for Noisebridge?

A: No. Noisebridge doesn't have any employees. Only volunteers.

Q: Do they live at Noisebridge?

A: No. Noisebridge isn't zoned for residential use and no one lives at the space.

Q: Then why are there always people at Noisebridge?

A: The many people who use Noisebridge have different sleeping habits, and it just so happens that there's almost always someone there working on something.

Q: Who's in charge then?

A: No one in particular.

Q: Then why hasn't it burnt down?

A: Because someone would notice the fire, put it out, and then the arsonist would get kicked out of the space permanently. We would then have a lively debate amongst ourselves about the merits of fire art and freedom of expression.

Q: But I thought you said no one is in charge?

A: Everyone who visits Noisebridge is expected to do their part in keeping the space safe, including doing whatever it takes to make sure the building doesn't burn down. That includes you.

Q: So I'm in charge?

A: No, you're merely expected to do something about someone trying to light the building on fire.

Q: But what if the person who is lighting the building on fire is saying the fire is necessary to keep the space safe?

A: That's ridiculous. If you think about it, there is no circumstance in which burning the building down will improve Noisebridge in any way. Therefore, the person setting the fire is wrong and you can ignore him or her.

Q: Ok, then who sets the hours for Noisebridge?

A: The people who are at Noisebridge. The collective action of everyone at the space sets a precedent and creates behavioral inertia, but no one person specifically does so.

Q: Does that include me?

A: Yes. By participating in our community, your actions help decide what direction Noisebridge will go in. This includes introducing other new people to the space and showing them what you know. This includes this long-winded explanation.