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Noisebridge is a hackerspace. To help facilitate excellent hacking, the community would like someone to vouch for you.

"Ok, so how do I get in?"

The buzzer is the middle button in the group of three to the right of the payphone. It may have a Noisebridge logo sticker underneath it.

Now that you've been buzzed in, how do you stay in? A great question! There's a few ways:

Be the guest of a Member or Associate Member (the easiest way)

  • Ask your friend who is a member to go with you to the space
  • Ask the coordinator of the event you plan on attending to vouch for you
  • Ask a docent to introduce you to the space
  • Go on the NB discussion mailing list or IRC chat and ask if a member will go with you
  • Go to the space and ask the person who lets you in to vouch for you (no guarantee!)

Become an Associate Member

Become a Member

Please note that Associate Membership and guests needing member hosts is new at Noisebridge as of November 2013.