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Noisebridge is a hackerspace. To help facilitate excellent hacking, the community would like someone to witness for you.

"Ok, so how do I get in?"

A great question! There's a few ways:

Be the guest of a Member or Associate Member (the easiest way)

  • Ask your friend who is a member to go with you to the space
  • Ask the coordinator of the event you plan on attending to vouch for you
  • Ask a docent to introduce you to the space
  • Go on the NB discussion mailing list or IRC chat and ask if a member will go with you
  • Go to the space and ask the person who lets you in to vouch for you (no guarantee!)
    • note: this approach will probably work if you fit at least two of these categories:
      • white
      • cismale
      • techie
      • don't "look homeless"
    • If you do not fit two or more of these categories, it is possible that someone at Noisebridge will call the police if you get caught inside without someone to vouch for you. (They'll say they're just "enforcing the rules".) If this happens, politely explain to the police that the people throwing you out have no authority to do so - surprisingly, some members of SFPD actualy have a better understanding of how Noisebridge works than many recent members do, so the cops may actually explain to them that you are correct. Welcome to Noisebridge!

Become an Associate Member

Become a Member

Please note that Associate Membership and guests needing member hosts is new at Noisebridge as of November 2013.