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Huawei 3G MS2131 21 Mbps USB Modem

What this product does?

Huawei MS2131 is a high-speed 3G dongle. All you need to do is insert a sim card of your choice, as it is UNLOCKED, then it is ready to use. The best feature about this model is that it reaches download speeds of 21 Mbps, so stream music online or download your favourite movie. A brilliant companion if you travel long distances so wherever you are, enjoy your instant connection to the Internet.

Perfect for small businesses

The MS2131 is perfect for cheap data roaming in your office. Giving you the best Internet experience at home and at work.


Travelling to a different country and have no access to the Internet? Purchase an Huawei MS2131 and you will have no problem connecting to the Internet abroad. Everything you need in one little device including mega fast download speeds (21 Mbps). Buy a sim from the local area you will be staying in, connect and there you go Internet access from home or on holiday.

Control your Dongle

Download the Huawei Wi-Fi App for either iOs or Android. Use the app to manage everything on your dongle, including examining signal strength, read messages and lastly putting a cap on how much data you want to use.

Sharing now easier than ever

MS2131 big storage means it is now easier to share files between your devices, so quickly share your photos, videos, apps and much more with your friends!

Sleek and Slim design

The slim, compact and user friendly design supports flowing curves with matte materials, giving you a comfortable feel. Therefore the thin and light frame makes it incredibly portable for you to carry around.

Instant Connectivity

Extremely easy to function, just plug and play. You can easily establish a reliable, personal Internet connection by simply inserting a data sim card into your dongle. Instantly share your high-speed connection on your laptop, computer plus much more.

High-Speeds from a little device

The Huawei MS2131 pushes download speeds to an incredible 21.6 Mbps (3G) including a reliable and secure upload speed of 5.76 Mbps. Now you can do much more- in far less time.