IPhone OS developer weekly meetup

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File:Iphone meetup logo http://meetup.com/iphonedevsf -- This requires a login. Please add time info to this page. -- 23:31, 12 August 2010 (UTC)

Meets every Monday night at 6pm PST, if there is any change or cancellations I'll try to update this wiki page but the best thing is to signup on meetup.com.

This group was created to provide a regular meetup for iPhone developers actively working on projects. The purpose is to work together to support one another in bringing our ideas to life. The goals are also to meet people in the San Francisco Bay Area who are doing the same type of work (programming and creating apps for the iphone and ipad) and to have fun.

This meeting is for:

iPhone Developers of all levels.

People who are interested in getting their hands dirty in code.

People just starting to develop for iPhone OS who do not have much experience.

Developers on other platforms (Android, etc) who are interested in learning about iPhone development.

Developers looking for specific help in adding functionality to their app.

This meeting is NOT for:

People interested in hiring a developer to work on their idea.

Marketers wishing to sell a product / service to iPhone developers.

The meeting format will be evolving and dynamic but as a starting point attendees should expect an opportunity to discuss:

What he/she is working on

What apps they have released

What they're interested in or what their specialty is

What they want to get help on.

There may also be a speaker who presents a specific topic. But everyone will have the opportunity to share and ask questions. Afterwards, there will be non-structured time, during which attendees are free to pair off or have discussions in smaller groups.

If you have one, bring your laptop and any iPhone OS devices you have.

I'm hoping this meetup will serve as a launching point for barn raising groups, where all members of the group in turn have the opportunity to utilize the rest of the group to develop an app. This will most likely be done separately from the formal meetup.

You may be asked for a donation to maintain this posting at meetup.com, to provide food and/or drink for attendees and make sure we have a place to convene that meets our needs.

While the primary purpose is to support developers of iPhone OS applications, there will also be events in which the topic of discussion will be other platforms such as android, however they will never be presented by direct stakeholders of the platform (in other words, no pimping allowed).