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We use an IRC channel that's on freenode. Feel free to join. The needed information is as follows:


We have a helpful bot in the channel by the name of noisebot run by dr_jesus.


Etiquette and fun

  • It's impolite to store logs of this channel. Please disable logging before joining #noisebridge.
  • It is not impolite, however, to add funny quotes to the quotes page.

Unfamiliar with IRC?

Here's some good general documentation about IRC and Freenode.

For those who are not familiar with getting on IRC, here's what Mitch did:

  • For Windows: Download and install Pidgin (free IM chat software for Windows -- there's plenty of other free software to choose from for Windows and other OSs).
  • For Macs - Colloquy (that also supports SILC) is Free Software Colloquy.
  • For those who run Ubuntu and are not familiar with IRC (unlikely?): $ sudo aptitude install xchat

Then (using Pidgin on Windows):

  1. create an IRC account on Pidgin (good documentation for this step)
    1. Go to Accounts (I got to Accounts by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray)
    2. Click the Add button
    3. For the Protocal, choose: IRC
    4. For the Server:
    5. If you have a Screen name (a “nick”), type it in as your Username (If you don’t own one yet, make one up)
    6. Click on the Advanced tab, and fill in the Real name field
    7. Check the Use SSL box, if you like
    8. Click the Save button
  2. join channel: ##noisebridge:
    1. In the "freenode-connect" tab that appeared in Pidgin, type: '/j ##noisebridge' (without the quotes)
  3. So that no one else can use your nick, you can register your nickname at

Hacking on IRC

Some members only want IRC to be used to discuss hacking. To satisfy this we have developed a system to ensure that all discussions are about hacking.

  1. Say, "I am wondering about (topic)"
  2. Then say, "Can we do some (topic) hacking?"

For example, "Wow, can you believe that (recent drama) happened in the space" is not correct. The correct approach would be, "We really need to do some drama hacking. Can you believe that (recent drama) happened in the space?"

Congratulations, you have just been excellent to other members by only talking about hacking in the IRC channel.

Channel Defense

Occasionally, people and programs may generate traffic in the #noisebridge IRC channel with the intent of provoking negative emotional responses. If you currently have operator status in the IRC channel when this happens, use the following guidelines to handle the situation:

  • Do not op users if they have not authenticated with NickServ. Check if a user is authenticated with NickServ by sending NickServ the command info <user> in a private message.
  • Consider setting +r (only allow users registered with NickServ) and -t (only ops can change the topic) on the channel. The overall channel mode should be +npr in this case. Under normal circumstances the channel mode should be +npt.
  • Consider using +q (channel-level ignore) instead of +b to silence the provoking users. This allows for users who were mistakenly caught with a hostmask that was too broad to still join the channel and find an op to help troubleshoot.
  • Remember that the motivation of the provoking users is to generate emotional responses. If they do not see any, they will move on to a more responsive channel. It is important to avoid talking about them.
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