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Icarus is a Java-based Android application that is developed for and tested on the G1 phone. It is part of the Spacebridge project.

Currently maintained by nf (nf@wh3rd.net) and located in a Mercurial repository (http://bitbucket.org/0x0000/icarus/). Contributions are encouraged (It's really easy!) just keep in mind the key goal of this project is **reliability** before all else.

In its current form, it logs the following values from the phone's internal sensors:

  • Latitude, Longitude, Altitude (GPS)
  • Temperature (AK8976A)
  • Orientation (AK8976A)
  • Magnetic fields in 3 dimensions (AK8976A)
  • Accelerometer in 3 dimensions (AK8976A)

It writes the data, timestamped, to a file on the SD card: 'IcarusLog'.

If it has GSM connectivity and has a GPS lock, it will report its GPS coordinates once a minute via SMS. It has been tested to recover from loss of both GPS and GSM signals.

Todo list: (immediate future)

  • Make the destination phone number and SMS interval configurable.
  • Other interface cosmetic enhancements.

Todo list: (pie in sky)

  • Make Icarus signal an external camera at a particular altitude threshold (eg, to start a video record on descent).
  • Icarus itself could record video and/or take photos at specified altitudes using the phone's internal camera.