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What is it?

Noisebridge: In-Depth is a monthly lecture series and round table discussion.

When and Where does it happen?

Noisebridge: In-Depth takes place the first Thursday of every month at 8pm, at Noisebridge. This means the next event will be on June 2nd, 2011 at 7 pm.

Why are we doing this?

There are many reasons:

  • It provides a deeper look at what people are working on.
  • This is the next step after Five_Minutes_of_Fame.
  • To expose new people to the space
  • Most of the talks have a community outreach slant on them. There are lots of communities that could use skills that Noisebridgers can offer. This is a venue for them to come in, explain their project, and see if they can find help.

How can I participate?

Sign up to give a talk! Contact Zedd by email (zedd [@] Include your name (or handle), talk title, your website/url, and a short description. In your email, use the subject line "Noisebridge: In-Depth" Speakers will be notified as to when their talks will be scheduled. Talk topic will be finalized and released at least 1 week before the talk.

How can I attend?

Just show up! If for any reason you're unable to attend, you can usually watch it live on our UStream Channel.

How can I help?

We always need people to help with set up and tear down. We also need people to help us find people that are willing to come give a talk. If you know someone, point them at this page.

The Next Lecture

This months talk is going to be "The Human Body Antenna: An Electrical Engineering Life Science," and will be given by the fabulous Lauren Palmateer. She is happy to have the opportunity to talk to you about the frontier science of the life force and vibrational spectrum and its relationship to the electromagnetic waves and electronics. Lauren received her PhD in Electrical Engineering in Semiconductor Electronics from Cornell University in 1989. Early in her career she was working on radio receivers at Bell Labs as an assistant to Nobel Laureate Arno Penzias. They were collecting data from the stars using the millimeter wave antennas in New Jersey. Her experience in high frequency receiver work took her to work in the Observatory of Paris, Chalmers University in Sweden, and IBM Research labs in New York. At IBM she changed fields of work and was part of the team that developed the first color notebook, the Thinkpad. Since that time she has worked in Silicon Valley start ups for rear projection TV chips and other LCD and electronic display technologies.