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(link to your Instructables here)
(link to your Instructables here)
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== link to your Instructables here ==
== link to your Instructables here ==
* [[ coffee roasting]] - dana
* [ coffee roasting] - dana
* [[ Getting WS2811 LEDs to work with ATTiny]] - dana
* [ Getting WS2811 LEDs to work with ATTiny] - dana
* [] - johny radio
* [ Blink LED's without a microcontroller or 555] - johny radio

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Instructables is running a sponsorship program, if Noisebridge writes 10 Instructables we'll become eligible for a piece of equipment. Another 10 and we're eligible for a laser cutter similar to our current 40W model.

Equipment options:

  • CarveWright version C
  • Up! 3D Printer
  • Juki TL-2010Q Long Arm Sewing and Quilting Machine
  • Electronics package (Oscilloscope + shop supply)
  • A/V package ( DLP Projector, photo lights & setup)

[Full details]

[edit] To Do

  • When we get 10 Instructables compile them into a guide
  • After we make our guide, fill out the application form with equipment preference

[edit] Want to help?

  • Join the Noisebridge Group on Instructables
  • Create an Instructable, put "Submitted by Noisebridge for the Instructables Sponsorship Program" on your Intro page
  • Add your name and link below

[edit] link to your Instructables here

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